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Violin and Viola Lessons


Violin and Viola Lessons

I have been teaching violin and viola for nearly fifteen years. My teaching is strongly influenced by my upbringing as a Suzuki student but also by my extensive travel and experiences learning various styles of music from all over the world. In my teaching, I employ a variety of creative approaches with the aim of developing well-rounded musicians that are responsive citizens through their artist voice. I start children as young as three years and accept students of all ages -- as long as you are alive you can learn!


Collaborative music-making and multimedia workshops

For classrooms and groups of all ages and varieties. Workshops are tailor-made based on the make-up of the group, resources of the institution, and other factors such as age and background. A great way to cultivate a spirit of creative collaboration and teamwork while honing musical skills!

A collaboration between myself and Gil Teixeira in which we offer a variety of creative music-making opportunities including everything from the use of technology to nature sounds. Our offerings provide something for every age and level and are a great to have fun while learning and creating with the whole family!

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