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Workshop leading

Creative Connections: Grand Rapids Symphony, Alexandria Symphony, and Baltimore Symphony

February and March 2015

Since 2009, Creative Connections has worked with a broad range of students, faculty and staff from all over the US and UK through creative music making workshops that culminate in performances of original music, collectively created by the participants themselves. The impact of these collaborations have been felt in communities and organizations as diverse as the Grand Rapids Symphony Orchestra, Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, Peabody Institute of Music, Georgia State University, El Sistema USA, Brooklyn Conservatory of Music, Guildhall School of Music & Drama, Clay Center for the Arts, and Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra. Founding members include Jill Collier Warne (Director), Detta Danford, Ross McDouall, Samuel Mumford, Daniel Trahey, Heather Truesdall, and Natasha Zielazinski.


I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to join the creative leadership team of Creative Connections for projects in Grand Rapids, Alexandria, and Baltimore in 2015. 


Video courtesy of The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra's OrchKids, 2015.

CEEMI by Gil Teixeira: collaborative experiential electronic instrument

music workshops using ceemi on tablets with children and elderly

GNRation, braga, portugal, september - december 2014

CEEMI (Collaborative Experiential Electronic Musical Instrument) was created by Gil Teixeira in 2013 and can be quickly described as the hardware generator of an instant virtual ensemble that turns any WiFi compatible device – a smartphone, tablet, desktop or laptop – into a collaborative electronic musical instrument on the fly. It was specially designed for the performance of music by groups of people without prior musical training. I have been collaborating with Gil to deliver CEEMI workshops in a wide range of contexts since February 2014, when he first came to Tanzania to test out CEEMI with students of Umoja Music School and Community Arts Trust. 

Workshops for babies and their caregivers that include song, movement, music technology and tactile skills, creative music sessions for kids, multimedia offerings for adults and youth, iTechestra Lab, band of dreams for adults who have always wanted to be on stage but never learned to be a's never too late! These are ongoing offerings in collaboration with Gil Teixeira, begun in April 2015 and set to continue expanding for the 2015-2016 school year. Visit our Facebook page for more information!

instrumental teaching

My teaching philosophy is strongly rooted in the belief that anyone can learn to play an instrument or sing at any age and that we are all inherently musical. I incorporate classical foundation (Suzuki-based) and the use of repertoire of various genres alongside creative tasks to build and reinforce skills while cultivating a sense of ownership and allowing students to develop their own individual voice and sound. Instrumental learning can be a science, but I also believe in the value of making it an art by integrating creativity throughout the entire process. Regardless of whether I am focusing on musical skills, instrumental skills, theoretical concepts, or creativity, I pride myself on delivering instruction of the highest quality.

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